Thursday, June 10, 2004

The Best Karaokeist

Who knew an eight year old could sing better than anyone in the whole restaurant? He sings a mean "All The Small Things" (during "Sing" by the Carpenters he started rapping. It was awesome.), plus he can do the worm. Some of these folks have Southern accents, and it's amazing to hear one. I have kind of a twang, but it's not like some of these bar-goers, meaning I can mock them without being hypocritical!

I just realized that I have never properly said Florida. No one I know can, it's always "Florda", "Forida", or "Forda". Hee. Any Floridians that pop up around here, can you pronounce our beloved home properly, or do you take my route and leave out letters? I'd kinda like to know.

I sang "Keep Fishin" by Weezer. I shouldn't sing ever again.

An MST should be coming up soon.


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