Friday, June 11, 2004


Title: Goodbye, Eric Forman
Author: Hah!
Summary: In my words: A bored incompetent seven year old writes a story. Eric is sad. Eric gets pills. Eric kills himself. I'm still not a very good MSTer. I'll get better. Remember, if you think I suck at this you're welcome to email if you want to help me.

Eric Forman was someone that no one truly knew. To many it was his friend Hyde who was the hard to read one. But Eric too had things he kept inside.For years he tryed to be the good son. Always trying to please his Mom and Dad. His Mother was kind but his Dad was ruff.

Whitey: Yeah, he was da ruff man.

No matter what Eric did he couldn't please him.

Judd: He could always....
Whitey: Eugh..
Judd:...try and learn proper English..
Whitey: No, the writer could.

Sometimes he thought his Dad never wanted him. Laurie was the favorite for unknown reasons. She did nothing but cause pain. No one truly knew how that hurt Eric. Eric had good friends. One of which was his girlfriend Donna. Donna was a good pal.

Whitey: ANVIL!!
Carter: An anvil is a point made repeatedly, just so you know.
Judd: I am Judd. I'm Whitey's owner. I am a third grader.
Carter: The dog was brown. It went woof. It barked.
Whitey: This story sucks. It is bad. Why does she/he/it write like this?

Her and Eric had ups and downs but Donna would always hold a special place in his heart. Kelso and Fez were other good friends. For as long as Eric could remember,Kelso had always been his silly friend who could make him laugh. Most of the time without even trying. Eric had not known Fez as long but they had become good friends. Ofton Fez would even share his candy with Eric when they were alone.

Then there was Steven Hyde. Hyde had been many things to Eric. A bodygaurd when they were little. A shoulder to lean all thru out the years.No one had a real grasp on Erics feelings,but Hyde was closer to it then the others. Hyde knew that Erics feelings were hurt by Red and Laurie even when he tryed to laugh it off. But there was one thing Hyde didn't know. He didn't know that Eric loved him. That Eric wanted to be more then Hydes friend. That sometimes when Hyde fell alseep on the couch, Eric would watch him. Just sit there and watch him sleep. Whishing he had the nerve to say what he felt.

But no,Eric Forman couldn't say it. So, on that cold gray morning, Eric gave in. He gave in to all the pain he felt. The pain of being unloved by his own Dad. If his own Dad couldn't love him,then how many people could? He gave in to the guilt of having Donna as a girlfriend when he really loved someone else.

So many times Eric would be kissing her and,feeling such guilt for only really wanting her as a friend. He decided that no one,not his family or friends,would ever really know what he felt. And sadly one special person would never understand his feelings for him. So Eric gave up. He didn't want to wake up to those feelings of pain ever again and he made sure he wouldn't. After taking some pills he had got from the medicance cabinet, he lay down to a sleep he would never wake from.

Goodbye Eric Forman.....

Judd: Bye Eric!
Carter: I won't miss you!
Whitey: Have a nice time!
Judd: You have know idea how much I appreciate the space bar right now.


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