Thursday, June 10, 2004

MTV Movie Awards Recap

The awards could have been so much better. Talented people could have won something. The trophies mean nothing, but at least a win for a celeb worthy of celeb status.

Since when is Omarion considered a breakout star? I guess he is, to the teen demographic. Oh yeah, now I remember, hez hawt cuz like You Got Served was sooooooooo the bst movie of da yeer! There will be a sequel to You Got Served. Why call it You Got Served 2? Why not.. Sorry America, You Got Served A Sucky Movie With A Lame Boy Band "Star" In It 2?

These awards mean nothing, but I wish Scarlett could have won something. Unlike Ho-han and her tween-market counterparts, she has talent, which you really don't see nowadays. I hope she wins something for Synergy (look it up on IMDB yourself) next year at maybe the Globes or Oscars.

Eminem, never dress up like Axl Rose. Again. Plus, I don't want to know the name of your band. I have the joy of knowing you and I don't want to hold hands. Your songs are not so slick. I do not want to suck any part of you, but I will be glad to kick all of you to the Moon.

I saw Farnsworth!


At 5:25 PM, Blogger greedy said...

i came across your blog and i dont think that marion should a been a breakout star. i really didn't like him anyway. he's ugly to me.

At 10:28 PM, Blogger *jade said...

I totally agree. The whole show just rubbed me the wrong way.


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